“I stopped by One Guy University the other day while I was visiting my parents, and it was great seeing Dario and the gang.  I use to live in Lubbock and went to Texas Tech.  I practically ate here every day for 4 years.  It was great sinking my teeth into a calzone filled with sausage and pepperoni,,,,yumm  I was not disappointed.  When I went back home to Atlanta, I took home 25 calzones on the plane.  One Guys calzone just took me back…..Thanks One guy!!”

“Food was awesome. I had the penne and vodka sauce and it was better than some high priced restaurants  I have eaten at.  One guy is my new hot spot….love the pizza and calzones too.”

“One guy just got better, Jerry is back making Pizza at 50 street.  He makes the best pizza and calzones!”

“We go here a lot.  It’s a nice place to go on a date or meeting up with friends.  The food is really good.”


“This is my go to for Italian food.  I use to live in NY, over ten years ago and I really, miss the Italian food there.  Who would have thought I would find authentic Italian cooking right here in Lubbock. I have probably eaten here over 100 times.  The value you get for the consistent good food is excellent.  I have ordered their catering 3 times as well, and I have never been disappointed.”


“OMG!!!!The Calzones are awesome!!!!”


“I grew up in the area, so this was my local pizza place for 20 years.  Ask just about anyone who grew up in the area, and they will tell you this is the best pizza around, and the calzones are to die for.”

“Just go there during any Red Raider home game at Tech,,,,The line is out the door and down the block for their calzones!!”


“If I had a dollar for every calzone I ate at one guy, I could have put myself through college.  Thanks mom & dad, and thank you One Guy!”